COVID Closure and Keeping Sane

As you know, our mission in life is to help people get closer to Mother Nature and share her benefits, which have so impacted us personally. We had hoped to do so by guiding hikes in some limited capacity through this trying time; however, the situation in NYC has evolved in the last week. We concur with the decision of public health officials that travel from home should be limited to local, essential, trips. And while we feel in our hearts that time outdoors is essential, we know in our minds that suspending our guided adventures for the time being is the correct course of action. 

Not being able to lead trips is obviously heartbreaking for us, but it is outweighed by our concern for all of youan adventurous bunch who generally find it confining to be limited to NYC—now restricted to your apartments. We will get through this. Hopefully for the majority of us, the most challenging part will be staying sane and entertained while stuck in our apartments (maybe getting to know those roommates who, until now, were passing acquaintances!).

We are eager to do whatever we can to help keep you connected to the wilderness right now. So while we can’t take you physically into the woods, we will be doing our best to bring the woods to you, albeit virtually. 

Please check out our Instagram stories for a steady stream of nature photos and videos (and please submit any requests here or by DMing us!) We’ll also be posting daily to Instagram and Facebook. We also have some amazing ways to bring you nature in the works, with plans to Livestream nature scenes on IGLive. Dave got his hands on a Go Pro and is very excited to share guided virtual hikes on IGTV and YouTube. Stay tuned!

We are so fortunate to share the woods with such an incredible group of humans. We have been moved to tears by those of you who have reached out to ask how you might support us in this time. First, we would wish that everyone stay safe and take all necessary precautions; nothing is more important than your well being. We know that money is very tight right now, so if you would like to help us without spending a penny, please promote our social media channels to everyone you know. 

Finally, if you are less impacted financially, had planned on hiking with us this year, and would like to buy a gift card now to apply to your adventure once this has all passed (and it will), we would be more grateful than we could possibly express for your support at this time.

Dave & Jessica