To Our Adventurers Considering Independent Travel Upstate

If you're considering travelling independently upstate for recreation at this time, please know that many local towns have “requested'' that no one (including residents) use trailheads located within their town limits. County legislatures have requested that weekenders, second home owners and other non-residents follow very specific protocols if they plan on quarantining up here for the duration. Some counties have also “requested” that all short term rentals (Air BNB, VRBO etc) in their counties be taken down. Day travel to the region is being strongly discouraged.

This may seem insular and unfriendly, as it is easy to take for granted the symbiotic relationship between upstate and downstate. Especially between the Catskills and NYC. But that very proximity is what makes the rural counties of the Catskills so very vulnerable. With a mere fraction of the medical resources available to greater NYC and a population older than average, the Catskills’ “curve” needs to be very flat indeed to prevent overwhelming the very limited local resources. 

Additionally, the Rangers and other rescue personnel have been redirected to preparation/response and simply do not have the human-power to spare to rescue hikers. And after a foot or so of snow earlier in the week on top of the epic ice we’ve had all winter, conditions are very treacherous at high elevations  

So we ask, as stewards of this magical region, that you not travel independently to the Catskills or other outdoor recreation areas. If you do ignore this advice and choose to travel; please, please, please stock up on all supplies, gas, etc before you leave home and travel directly to the trailhead, hike, and return directly back to your home. Again, we strongly advise staying local, but if you ignore that, please heed our plea for maximum precautions.