Autumn Backcountry Backpack (10/9-10/12)

About this trip

Immerse yourself in the best of the Catskills in autumn—high peak viewpoints, valleys dappled in fall colors, waterfalls, and crisp nights in camp. We’ll meet up on Friday afternoon for a 1-2 mile hike into one of our hidden basecamps. On Saturday, we’ll break camp and head deeper into the wilderness for a few days of backcountry backpacking off-trail, well away from all the holiday weekend crowds.


Re-opening booking guidelines

If you are interested in joining this trip, please email us at with responses to the following questions:

1) How many people in your group?

2) Do you have a car or are you willing to rent one? If yes, are you willing to drive other adventurers too?

3) If you do not have a car or rental options available, are you willing to share transportation with someone who does?

4) We are now offering a limited number of spots with public transportation options for trips, combining Amtrak/MetroNorth and a local livery service for an extra charge. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for this option for this adventure.

Policy change highlights during re-opening