Reopening: Basecamp + Fish, Swim, and Berries! (7/24-7/26)

About this trip

This trip was made for recovery. We'll be focused on mellowing out and enjoying nature. After a gentle hike to camp, we'll spend the weekend swimming, lounging, fishing, and just enjoying the beautiful forest. Please plan to arrive Friday evening for this adventure.

Great For: Chilling out!


Re-opening booking guidelines

If you are interested in joining this trip, please email us at info@destinationbackcountryadventures.com with responses to the following questions:

1) How many people in your group?

2) Do you have a car or are you willing to rent one? If yes, are you willing to drive other adventurers too?

3) If you do not have a car or rental options available, are you willing to share transportation with someone who does?

Policy change highlights during re-opening