Catskill 3500 Day Hike (10/24)

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About this trip

For this trip, we will take on one or more of the Catskill 3500' high peaks! At this time, we are not announcing our locations beforehand on our website. For anyone who has traveled to the Catskills in recent months, you will have seen the enormous increase in hikers and usage as trail heads. We are updating our destinations for hikes frequently based on where we see the most opportunity for secluded hiking. The ultimate destination is TBD. Please plan to arrive early on Saturday morning, with specific details to follow. 

Re-opening booking guidelines

After you book your trip, the DBA Team will email you to coordinate transportation and ask about hikes you many need for your 3500. We will ask: 

1) How many people in your group?

2) Do you have a car or are you willing to rent one? If yes, are you willing to drive other adventurers too?

3) If you do not have a car or rental options available, are you willing to share transportation with someone who does?

4) We are now offering a limited number of spots with public transportation options for trips, combining Amtrak/MetroNorth and a local livery service for an extra charge. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for this option for this adventure. 

5) If you are working on your Catskill 3500 membership, please let us know what peaks you need and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Policy change highlights during re-opening

  • We cannot provide transportation at this time
  • We will still provide lunch while on adventure
  • In an effort to keep the cost of our adventures as low as possible, we have a six person minimum for all trips. This helps distribute the cost 
  • Please read our guidelines for responsible travel
  • Please read our reopening blog post for more details