Rider Hollow Bushwhack (7/17)

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This area, home to Balsam and Eagle, is one of our favorite July destinations. Deep shaded hollows, numerous brooks, and less steep (and dense) slopes than those found in the Eastern Catskills make this one of our more inviting bushwhacks. Our route will take us to the summit of Balsam Mountain, possibly Eagle as well. The long days at this time of year mean we have time for a soak in one of the brooks post hike!

Cardio Intensity: Moderate.

Terrain: Primarily off-trail. Moderate steepness, no sections that require using hands for balance.

All adventures include:

  • Lunch and snacks on our adventure (Note: we offer vegetarian and vegan options and we’re happy to accommodate any dietary and allergy needs)
  • Transportation option: includes transportation from/to New York City with convenient pickup locations near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Grand Central in Manhattan and a breakfast of fresh fruit and donuts with a selection of coffees and teas