Destination Backcountry Academy

Welcome to Destination Backcountry Academy!

We are a team of outdoor professionals with years of experience exploring and leading others into the wilderness. We hope you’ve landed here today because you want to discover the sanctuary, adventure, and life-altering experiences found in the outdoors, or you’ve already made these discoveries and you want to go further. It’s our mission to teach you how to adventure safely and comfortably on your own.

Our instructors bring not only extensive outdoor experience, but also a love for teaching, and passion for sharing the outdoors. We adjust our material for all learning types and experience levels, so absolute beginners can make their first ventures into the wilderness confidently, and developing hikers can elevate their backpacking and navigation skills. Experienced hikers will be interested in our master classes, designed to take your skills to a whole new level.

We pride ourselves on our patient and enthusiastic teachers who cannot wait to share their knowledge. The outdoor skills and knowledge imparted in our degrees cannot be learned from a book or YouTube video. It’s our hope that your time with us will empower you to strike out on your own, with your friends, or with family, to discover a whole new world in the outdoors.

- The DBA Team