Canoe & Kayak - The Freedom of the Water

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New York is home to some of the most beautiful bodies of water in the entire country, and access to a freshwater paradise is just a canoe or kayak away. A low impact activity great for the whole body, core strength, and cardio fitness, this degree is perfect for all age and skill levels. First time canoers and kayakers will be awed by the unique perspective, pristine water, and intimate view of nature offered by this incredible outdoor activity.

We’ll start with the basics on a gentle water trip and gradually work up to a multi-day paddle in some of the finest wilderness on the continent. This degree covers flat water lakes, fast and slow rivers, paddling and maneuvering techniques, best practices, safety, and more! No experience is necessary: our boats are designed for stability and are almost impossible to capsize. We wear flotation devices, so the ability to swim is not required.

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