Hiking - Hike Like a Guide

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A gentle walk in the forest, a challenging three-peak day in the Catskills, an off-trail bushwhack: once you learn how to hike, the possibilities are endless. However you choose to trek, you’ll reap the benefits: hiking can be as physically challenging as you want, calming in the spirit and soul, and a chance to find your place in the greater scheme of things.

How do you keep from getting lost? What should you eat? What do you wear? Getting started can be intimidating for beginners!

Even as professional guides, we remember what it felt like starting out, and we’re here to teach you to hike like a pro. With this degree, we’ll start in the classroom and finish on the summit, learning everything from how to pick out your first pair of boots, to navigating off trail, and all the details in between! Perfect  for beginners to hiking, you'll learn everything you need to know to hit the trail.

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