About Us

Our History

Back in the days when our founder wore a suit & tie, periodic escapes to the woods kept him sane long enough to bail and start a wilderness adventure travel company dedicated to sharing the restorative powers of the natural world with his fellow humans—committed to curing NYC’s collective “Nature Deficit Disorder!”

Our Guides: The most experienced team of outdoor pros based in NYC

The wild & remote destinations in which we adventure require a higher level of expertise.  When you’re on a Destination Backcountry Adventure, you’re not just hiring drivers to get you to & from the trailhead—you’re in the hands of experienced & equipped outdoor professionals.  Licensed by the NY State DEC and trained in the Wilderness, our guides are 1stAid/1st Responder certified with years of experience leading groups.

In addition to their impeccable credentials and experience, our guides are outgoing and friendly, eager to share the places they love and know intimately. They’re pros at creating a relaxed and welcoming environment for all skill levels and will gladly share knowledge, tips & techniques as well as interpret the natural history of the Wilderness.  Supporting them are Assistant Guides, many of whom are experienced and skilled enough to be leading trips in their own right!  We know where the best views, campsites, springs and more treasures may be found–lets us take you there!  

Our Menus: The Best Food You’ll Eat Outdoors…

Food always tastes better in the outdoors, so we figured: “why not bring out food that’s already awesome and take it to a new level?” We meticulously plan our menus to be fresh, delicious, and packed with nutrients and energy to keep you going! We source locally whenever possible and you won’t find any foil-packed, space age grub on our adventures!

From our renowned “Mountain Mocha” to our famous cheese and sausage plates and hand-blended, gourmet trail mixes, you’re sure to have lots of energy to explore. Of course, you can expect some indulgent treats too; after all, you'll be burning plenty of calories out there. We’re glad to and have experience accommodating all types of dietary restrictions, from gluten-free to vegan.

Our Philosophy: Wilderness for All

The wilderness is not the exclusive domain of specially trained & equipped athletes!  99% of all Wilderness is accessible with skills no more specialized than walking up and down stairs, something all NY’ers have experience with!  Whether you’re seeking your first night under the stars or your Catskill 3500 membership, on our adventures you can expand your comfort zone and experience exciting new things, secure in the knowledge that you will be supported, encouraged and led by the most experienced, prepared and knowledgeable guides based in NYC.

We’ll share dozens of tips, tricks and skills we’ve picked up that will make you feel safe, comfortable and at home in the wilderness, but if we took the time to list them all, we’d never get outdoors!!

Why Wilderness? Only you can know and only when you're there

Quality time in wild places connects us to something greater than ourselves and provides peace and perspective so elusive in our urban lives. At times, we are gifted with enlightenment; we see ourselves in the beautiful, intertwined web of life and scope of time and realize our place in it all. Trained to observe and interpret, your guides will share their extensive knowledge of the ecology, geology, and human and natural history to help you relocate your place in the natural order of things. Everyone finds their own type of peace in the wilderness, but you’ll only know it when you find it for yourself.