Athletes and Training

Fit New Yorkers are often shocked when groups of men and women in their 60s and 70s blow by them on the trail without breaking stride, chatting away as if taking a walk in the park. These lifelong hikers know the truth: hiking is really, really good for your body!

We often explore the wilderness to unwind and slow down, but the steep, uneven trails and fresh mountain air also make the woods a great place to train. Hiking engages muscles functionally. Steep sections of the trail and scrambles provide ideal interval training opportunities for the quads, core, calves, hip flexors, and even upper body!

Athletes that have benefitted from mountain training are as diverse as the opportunities for unique, challenging workouts outdoors.

  • Marathon and ironman competitors have described their legs feeling like they have “boosters” on hills after adding our hiking training to their  routine
  • Spartan and obstacle course race athletes love scrambles that involve the entire body and develop coordination
  • CrossFitters train with us for benefits in core and lateral strength as well as improved balance and proprioception
  • Weight loss: Burn 3000-4000 calories a day hiking to boost or kickstart a weight management program

We’ll design your mountain training adventure by working with you to learn about your goals, then use our intimate knowledge of trial conditions, elevation profiles, and routes to create the perfect course. On trail, your experienced guides will set a challenging pace and provide support in the forest terrain. Plus, the views are infinitely better than at the gym.

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