Corporate & Team Retreats

Your team deserves more than trust falls in hotel conference rooms. If you would like to give your employees a chance to truly develop and bond, get them away from the office and the city and to the beauty of nature. From team-building retreats designed to incorporate specific development goals to adventures that are strictly for fun, we will ensure that your time spent in the woods is transformational and makes an impact that lasts far beyond the next weekly status meeting.

Long before we step foot on the trail, we work with you to learn about your organizational philosophy and purpose, the goals for your event, your team’s specific needs, and any other information that will help us design an adventure uniquely perfect for you.

We are happy to design trips that fit your team, no matter the size or comfort levels in the outdoors: deep wilderness or quaint cabin accommodations, hiking or canoeing, small group or large, intensive team-building and development, or fun in the forest. We can’t wait to bring a little bit of our world to your team.

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Recent trips

A sales manager wanted his team to be more effective effective at utilizing all available resources, setting priorities, managing risk, working well together, and communicating effectively.

Custom Trip: We designed a survival school targeting just these skills. Of course, learning to build a fire without matches, building and sleeping in a bush shelter, harvesting wild edibles, and exploring a beautiful, pristine destination are wonderful in their own right, but even better when they help your team grow. 

An organization wanted a fun new venue for an annual retreat

Custom Trip: We hosted an annual corporate retreat where coworkers had a chance to truly know one another. We found the bonds forged around a campfire, away from electronic distraction, are much stronger than those forged in hotel bars.