Family & Group Adventures:

In our over connected world, it can be hard to get away from distractions, electronic and otherwise. A weekend in the woods offers the chance to reconnect with your family or friends while enjoying the peace and serenity of the outdoors.

We’ll handle all of the planning, shopping, cooking, logistics & camp chores. Which means your memories will be of enjoying good times with one another, not spending your adventure trying to get a good fire going or the camp stove working.

Our guides are experienced (and love) working with next generation of adventurers; not to mention, most of us know hundreds of games and are big kids ourselves!

While we enjoy the outdoors, it's not always easy to get it all together and make it happen. Destination Backcountry Adventures did the work for us--setting up camp in a beautiful Catskills spot near a lake and a fresh spring, they made a natural fire even though there had been torrential downpours all afternoon/evening.  Dave showed us where to find natural brook trout, which we caught.  Kids loved it. Salamanders, fish, canoe, turtle, and more.  Parents enjoyed not having to do all the work.  I highly recommend Dave and his company.” — Chris W. Park Slope

Please email Dave directly for more information: