Who We Are

Destination Backcountry Adventures is a Brooklyn-based wilderness adventure outfitter dedicated to sharing the wild and beautiful places we know and love so well with our fellow NYers. From beginners on their first hike, to friends escaping the city for a weekend of camping and relaxing, to elite athletes shaving time off their marathon PRs, we’re here to welcome you to the wonderful world of wilderness in upstate New York! Click here to learn more about Our Story.


The DBA Difference

Best Guides

Our Guides are full-time outdoor professionals--they’ve dedicated their lives to sharing nature with explorers like you! Their experience leading groups of all types enables them to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for all skill levels. They’ve spent decades acquiring an intimate knowledge of NY’s Wildernesses, meaning they know the secret bushwhacks up favorite peaks, the hidden berry patches, fishing holes and more. They also possess an uncanny intimacy with the natural history and ecology of the region--we’ll bet you never knew someone could get you excited about moss!

Adventure for All

We ensure that first time adventurers can take on the wilderness in a relaxed and supportive environment--no fancy gear required. Veteran adventurers can expand their comfort zone, knowledge and skills base by exploring with and learning from guides--heading off-trail for the first time or taking on an overnight survival school.

From your first time on the trail to the 35th peak on your Catskills 3500 quest, our goal is for every person on a DBA trip to see nature in a new light, learn something new about the outdoors and themselves.

Unique Adventures

We offer so much more than a van ride to a popular trailhead, where you could have followed the conga line to the summit on your own...We and our carefully selected partners have designed unique itineraries exploring both hidden gems and classics from a whole new perspective--you won’t see these adventures offered anywhere else. Deep wilderness bounty in The Secret Land of Trout and Berries. Mouth watering farm-to-table meals after a gentle canoe trip past the farm. Badass Overnight survival schools in the wilderness. Paddling in New York’s pristine reservoirs.

Day Adventures

  All the fun of a weekend in the woods packed into a day! Here you’ll find the classic DBA Catskill 3500 and Hudson Highlands day hikes adventures that started it all as well as many awesome new additions like Whitewater Rafting! We’ll provide the transportation, breakfast, lunch, and plenty of adventure.

Overnight Adventures 

  Imagine falling asleep under a star filled sky, next to a crackling fire and awaking to the sounds of birdsong... We’ve got everything from relaxing, glamping basecamps to intense two night overnights in the deep wilderness. And camping is always more fun when guides take care of the cooking, cleanup, and lugging gear...

Extraordinary Adventures

  Unique itineraries with the best partners--The adventures that only we and our partners can bring you. Holistic weekend escapes, paddles at Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant farm, farm-to-table meals, Native American history hikes, paddle trips to the Adirondacks, cabin getaways, and so much more.

Holistic Adventures

  Peace and serenity is closest in the outdoors, our first home. Let us help you relocate your place in the natural order of things and find the peace and perspective that can be so elusive in our harried, urban lives. Imagine Wildflower Yoga, Waterfall Meditation Retreats, or a day in Mother Nature’s Spa, soaking in a mountain lake and harvesting wild berries.

Customized Adventures

  We’re specialists in customizing adventures perfectly suited to your goals. Ideal for family outings, corporate team-building, athletic training, bachelorette parties and more. Our guides have helped families discover a love for the outdoors (you bond while we work!,) management teams improve communication while bonding (and having fun!) on a Survival School adventure and more.

Survival School

  Nothing says badass like building a fire without matches and a shelter with natural material! Equally important is the Psychology of Survival, like risk evaluation, setting priorities and effective decision making under pressure. Which, you might have noticed, are pretty valuable skills in everyday life, too! We’ll learn both skills and psychology on our day and overnight classes!