We take an immense amount of pride in our stellar reputation and we are humbled to know that we could play a small role in helping our adventurers reconnect with something bigger than all of us. We send a sincere thank all of our hikers for their kind words and for trusting us to guide their adventures in the New York wilderness!

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  “Booked my best friend's bachelorette party with DBA and we had the BEST time! Dave and Joane were so friendly and fun, they were like old friends! Minnewaska State Park was breathtaking and Dave knew all the most beautiful spots and viewpoints. He is so knowledgable about everything from rocks to salamanders! Yoga with Joane was relaxing and refreshing and you can't beat the scenery! I can't emphasize enough how great this team is! Can't wait for another adventure very soon!”Valentina



"I couldn't have chosen a better group of guides to break me in to this hiking thing! Ive been on two different hikes  and absolutely LOVED them both. I was also fortunate enough to meet two more members of the DBA staff on this last excursion- it was comforting to learn both Lauren and Destiny are just as warm hearted, knowledgeable, and fun as Dave and Mike. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to share nature with these people and look forward to many more hikes out into the wild!"Shaniqua P




"Dave's the real deal. He really loves the outdoors and it's contagious. Besides great energy and the most positive upbeat attitude you'll ever meet, he's got lots of outdoor and nature knowledge to share. There's a well-read science nerd inside his outdoorsy exterior. Ecosystems, rock formations, trees, you name it, he knows it. I'll never look at a humble bit of moss the same way. What's more, he really cares about his guests and makes sure everyone has a good time. Dave schlepps up a crazy amount of food for a group lunch and stops on the drive back for a little bite and booze for those who want to refuel. I've taken my dog on both hikes and he was made to feel as welcome -if not more- as every other member of the team. Definitely recommended!"Solange V.







"I've been on a number of adventure tours all over the world, however the winter camping and hiking trip that I did with DBA this weekend to the summit of Mount Wittenberg BEATS THEM ALL!
What made this adventure different from the rest? Here are a few keys reasons:
1) Our guides: Dave and Andrew were amazing! The skills and strength that these guys showed us and the moves that they pulled seriously qualifies them as bad-asses! Its clear that Dave and Andrew are wildness experts and wanted to share their passion for the outdoors with everyone. Their enthusiasm for adventure and the outdoors that they exuded was so contagious that they could have inspired even the most wilderness-shy individual to want to climb mountains and wrestle grisly bears!!! Importantly, Dave and Andrew were able to assess how much they could challenge the group to push us beyond our normal levels of comfort, without sacrificing our fun. They were also prepared and equipped for any situation. Everyone in the group knew that we could fully trust our guides in all situations.
2) Organization: I have NEVER been on a trip where we have been scheduled to leave at 7:30am and we actually left at 7:30am! INCREDIBLE! The whole weekend was diligently planned to a T, but Dave and Andrew were very flexible to tailor to plans according to the interests and energy level of the group.
3) FOOD: Oh my god, the FOOD! If you were under the impression that you have to leave your refined pallet home when you go camping DBA will prove you WRONG! Dave cooked up the most savory hot dinner, lunch and breakfast! And soo many goodies to snack on!
4) Fun: After safety, fun was the #1 objective of the weekend. I have never seen a bunch of people at the end of a strenuous trip that were sooo exhausted yet wearing such big smiles! If your body is aching and you can barely feel your toes but your laughing and high-fiving at the bottom of the hill - you know it was a great trip!
I can't wait for my next adventure with DBA!"