Adirondack High Peaks Backpack (7/2-4)

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Adirondack High Peaks Backpack (7/2-4)

$ 379.00

NY’s Adirondack Park is larger than Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks--combined!  The heart of the Park is the High Peaks region, home to some of the most unique and spectacular scenery east of the Rockies!

On this incredible adventure traversing the High Peaks Wilderness, we’ll be hiking above treeline on granite giants and enjoying expansive, 360 degree views from atop the highest peaks in NY. We’ll see Lake Tear of the Clouds, source of the Hudson, here just a tiny brook flowing from a high altitude glacial pond and experience travelling through three different ecosystems as you hike from the lush valley to the rare and precious alpine environment at the summit!

In normal conditions, this adventure is rated--Strenuous


Overnight Adventures include--

Overnight adventures include; Transportation to/from NYC, convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan. A Breakfast on our ride to the mountains and Gourmet Lunches & Dinners, served--and carried--by your guides Dietary custom & allergies? No problem--just let us know! Group Gear & Shelter-we’ll handle cooking, safety gear, water treatment & shelter on our adventure so you may pack and travel light.