Artist's Escarpment (10/17)

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The Escarpment is a three thousand foot wall of ledges and cliffs that rises abruptly from the Hudson Valley along the eastern edge of the Catskills, providing jaw dropping views over the valley and, on a clear day, into Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. This particular area of the Escarpment has been a popular destination for hiking for over 200 years and there is a reason the famed hotels of the Catskills’ Golden era were located here. Come explore the legendary viewpoints, forests, brooks, and lakes that inspired the Hudson River Valley School of Painters and authors like James Fenimore Cooper who brought the Catskills national renown.

Cardio Intensity: Moderate.

Terrain: On trail, generally good footing.

Great for: Picturesque landscapes and views

Bonus: Plenty of time for photos, and they’ll look awesome

All adventures include:

  • Lunch and snacks on our adventure (Note: we offer vegetarian and vegan options and we’re happy to accommodate any dietary and allergy needs)
  • Transportation option: includes transportation from/to New York City with convenient pickup locations near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Grand Central in Manhattan and a breakfast of fresh fruit and donuts with a selection of coffees and teas