Backcountry Gourmet Practical Overnight

Overnight Instructional

Backcountry Gourmet Practical Overnight

$ 229.00

We’ll test out all the cooking techniques and tricks covered in our NYC class over an entire weekend of camping and cooking in the Catskills wilderness. Meeting the day before our adventure to plan and shop, we’ll then practice cooking over stoves, fires, and more upstate. In season, you’ll learn how to identify and responsibly harvest wild edibles to add to our menu. Finally, you’ll learn how to set up an organized, critter-proof, and clean backcountry kitchen as well as best practices for food storage and no-impact food handling and sanitation in the outdoors.

All adventures include:

  • Transportation to/from NYC, with convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan
  • Breakfast of fresh fruit and donuts and a selection of coffees and teas  
  • Lunches, Dinner, and Snacks on our adventure
  • Group gear and shelter: we’ll handle safety gear, water treatment, and shelter on our adventure so you may pack and travel light
  • Note: we offer vegetarian and vegan options and we’re happy to accommodate any dietary and allergy needs