Cooking - Become a Backcountry Gourmet

Instructional Package

Cooking - Become a Backcountry Gourmet

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Too often, “hiking food” means trail mix and granola bars during the day and pre-packaged just add water meals in camp at night. Imagine ending a long day hiking in the backcountry with sizzling steaks fresh off the fire, spicy jambalaya rice, and steamed asparagus with freshly harvested wild leeks.  

Even experienced outdoors people are often surprised by the quality and quantity of fresh fare we serve on our adventures. Not only do we love to serve gourmet meals, we know the high nutritional demands on your body while backpacking and we tailor our menus to replenish all the things your body needs to adventure at full tilt and recover effectively.

This degree covers all aspects of outdoor nutrition and cooking: what your body craves while on adventure, calories, nutritional value, storage, weight, cooking methods and more. Learn which foods make great staples in your backcountry pantry and how to combine them in tasty, fresh meals to fuel your adventure without busting your wallet.

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