Big Indian Range Backpack (8/20-21)

Destination Backcountry Adventures

Big Indian Range Backpack (8/20-21)

$ 299.00

A secluded and wild wilderness, dominated by thick forest and steep, deep cloves. Even in the dog days of August, this beautiful wilderness offers a cool breath of fresh air; from the banks of the streams in the valley to the shaded stands of virgin forest on the peaks. We’ll climb two peaks, Balsam and Eagle, in the  heart of the Big Indian Wilderness and enjoy a relaxing night in our streamside camp.

In normal conditions, this adventure is rated--Challenging


Overnight Adventures include--

Overnight adventures include; Transportation to/from NYC, convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan. A Breakfast on our ride to the mountains and Gourmet Lunches & Dinners, served--and carried--by your guides Dietary custom & allergies? No problem--just let us know! Group Gear & Shelter-we’ll handle cooking, safety gear, water treatment & shelter on our adventure so you may pack and travel light.