Friend of the Devil Backpack (10/8-10)

Destination Backcountry Adventures

Friend of the Devil Backpack (10/8-10)

$ 379.00

Over this long weekend, we do the Devil's Path as it was meant to be done. With three days to hike the 27 mile, 6 mountain trek, we'll have a chance to appreciate the incredible views and wildlife this amazing wilderness has to offer without rush. The scenery is even more breath-taking than usual at this time of year and the cooler days make for much easier hiking.

Our experience leading this adventure means we know all the secret camping spots and hidden viewpoint over peak foliage, not to mention the knowledge of when and how to pace ourselves to get the most out of this epic trail.  Join us for  big time campfire bragging rights!

 In normal conditions, this adventure is rated--Strenuous


Overnight Adventures include--

Overnight adventures include; Transportation to/from NYC, convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan. A Breakfast on our ride to the mountains and Gourmet Lunches & Dinners, served--and carried--by your guides Dietary custom & allergies? No problem--just let us know! Group Gear & Shelter-we’ll handle cooking, safety gear, water treatment & shelter on our adventure so you may pack and travel light.