Graham & Doubletop (11/2)

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This pair of trail-less giants dominate the western Catskills. Unlike many of the Catskill 3500 bushwhacks, the most gentle approaches to the summits fall on private land, and thanks to generous permission from the landowners, these “trail-less” peaks now have well travelled paths to the summits. While we appreciated this generosity when we were pursuing our Catskills 3500, we now want to bring back the feel of a true bushwhack. Our route traverses true wilderness, primarily through virgin, old-growth forest untouched by man and home to trees that have been alive for hundreds of years, until we reach the private land just before the summit on each peak.

Great for: a day in a forest so primal you'll forget other humans exist

Bonus: a chance to see a tree older than the US

All adventures include:

  • Transportation from/to New York City with convenient pickup locations near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Grand Central in Manhattan
  • Breakfast of fresh fruit and donuts and a selection of coffees and teas
  • Lunch and snacks on our adventure
  • Note: we offer vegetarian and vegan options and we’re happy to accommodate any dietary and allergy needs