Holistic Weekend Retreat (7/23-24)

Destination Backcountry Adventures

Holistic Weekend Retreat (7/23-24)

$ 319.00

We’re so excited to offer this weekend holistic retreat!  Join us for a weekend of Vinyasa Flow, Guided Meditation, Sunrise Pranayama, EFT and more!  In our beautiful & comfortable camp we’ll enjoy waking up to wild bird song, freshly prepared healthy meals, a bonfire (with dancing?!) and if we’re lucky, maybe wild berry harvesting and/or swimming!

In normal conditions, this adventure is rated--Gentle


Overnight Adventures include--

Overnight adventures include; Transportation to/from NYC, convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan. A Breakfast on our ride to the mountains and Gourmet Lunches & Dinners, served--and carried--by your guides Dietary custom & allergies? No problem--just let us know! Group Gear & Shelter-we’ll handle cooking, safety gear, water treatment & shelter on our adventure so you may pack and travel light.