Lone Mountain & Rocky Mountain (7/31)

Remote and Rugged

Lone Mountain & Rocky Mountain (7/31)

$ 129.00

These beautiful and remote bushwhacks are part of the “Lone 7,” the most remote peaks in the Catskills. Getting to the summit of Rocky will earn you big cred among Catskill hiking vets! A new blowdown recently exposed never before seen views on Rocky, and they’re amazing. Come be among the first to experience them. As on all of our off-trail hikes, we’re glad to teach as we navigate if you’re interested in learning how to do it on your own.

All adventures include:

  • Transportation to/from NYC, with convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan
  • Breakfast of fresh fruit and donuts and a selection of coffees and teas
  • Lunch and snacks on our adventure
  • Note: we offer vegetarian and vegan options and we’re happy to accommodate any dietary and allergy needs