Mink Trapper's Route, Panther Mountain (5/15)

Upstate Adventure Guides

Mink Trapper's Route, Panther Mountain (5/15)

$ 159.00

This secret bushwhack route is known to only a few locals, Looking at a map, most people think there isn't a bushwhack route up Panther--but there is, and it's awesome. You certainly won't see anyone else guiding it! That's because we offering this awesome hike with Upstate Adventure Guides. They've arranged for easement over private property and they know the one route through the ledges that get us to the top!

In normal conditions, this adventure is rated--Strenuous


All adventures include--

Transportation to/from NYC, convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan--your choice!  A Breakfast of fresh fruit & donuts and a selection of coffees & teas on our ride to the mountains. A Gourmet Lunch & snacks on our adventure, served--and carried--by your guides. We offer vegetarian & vegan options and we’re glad to accommodate dietary custom & allergies--just let us know!