Survival School Overnight Practical

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Les Stroud is a personal hero of yours?  Plan on auditioning for a new survival reality show?  You think maybe, just maybe, “The Walking Dead” isn’t so far fetched?  Want to learn the essentials & philosophy of survival (risk evaluation, prioritizing, staying calm under pressure) to gain a new perspective?  We can do all of that, plus fire without matches, survival shelter and (hopefully) some tasty wild edibles!  

All adventures include:

  • Transportation to/from NYC, with convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan
  • Breakfast of fresh fruit and donuts and a selection of coffees and teas  
  • Lunches, Dinner, and Snacks on our adventure
  • Group gear and shelter: we’ll handle cooking, safety gear, water treatment and shelter on our adventure so you may pack and travel light
  • Note: we offer vegetarian and vegan options and we’re happy to accommodate any dietary and allergy needs