Survival School Upstate Practical (4/8)

Destination Backcountry Adventures

Survival School Upstate Practical (4/8)

$ 169.00

Join us on a full-day adventure in the woods to learn advanced Survival Skills! We’ll head upstate, where your guides and instructors will present a number of scenarios which we’ll use for instruction in and practice of skills including--

  • Different methods for creating fire without matches
  • Building shelter with natural materials
  • Wilderness Navigation (with & without map/compass)
  • Effecting Rescue
  • Obtaining Water
  • Gathering Wild Edibles & Trapping

We’ll also delve further into the Psychology of Survival; covering topics such as Effective Decision Making Under Pressure, Needs Assessment, Risk Evaluation & Management and Utilizing Available Resources Effectively. Which, you might have noticed, are pretty valuable skills in everyday life, too!


In addition to Instruction, adventures include--

Transportation to/from NYC, convenient pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan--your choice!  A Breakfast of fresh fruit & donuts and a selection of coffees & teas on our ride to the mountains. A Gourmet Lunch & snacks on our adventure, served--and carried--by your guides. We offer vegetarian & vegan options and we’re glad to accommodate dietary custom & allergies--just let us know!