Fun in the Summertime!

Cool Mountain Breezes, Ripe Wild Berries, Backcountry Swimming Holes and Starlit Skies!   

Escape NYC’s oppressive humidity & heat this summer with an adventure to NY’s beautiful mountains, forests, streams & lakes.  Why rent a car, fight traffic, arrived stressed out and find your vacation destination crowded with the obnoxious neighbors you were trying to leave behind?  Leave the planning, logistics & transportation to the pros (us!) and enjoy the rejuvenating, refreshing and magical mountains!!  

Book now for a Pre-Season discount of 25% on all adventures!!  Use the code PRE25 at checkout, but act soon--it expires on July 7th! 


Our Holistic Adventures Series is a natural expansion of our trendsetting Backcountry Yoga Retreats to include Pilates, “Mother Nature’s Day Spa,” Shintaido and more!  All designed to release stress, cleanse & strengthen body & spirit and reconnect you with Mother Earth

Wilderness Warriors is home to the most intense, deepest wilderness, adventures available based out of NYC, those we considered too strenuous (even by our standards) to go on our regular calendar. And that's saying something...

We’re also exploring New Destinations on the Day Escapes & Overnights you all love so very much!  Of course. you’ll still find all the Destination Backcountry classics like Mt Wittenberg & the Secret Land of Trout & Berries!

We simply can’t wait to share amazing adventures with you! 
- Dave & the DBA team