Welcome to Destination Backcountry Adventures!

New York City's connection to the Catskills and Hudson Valley wilderness

Who We Are

Destination Backcountry Adventures is a Brooklyn-based wilderness adventure outfitter dedicated to sharing the wild and beautiful places we know and love so well with our fellow NYers. From beginners on their first hike, to friends escaping the city for a weekend of camping and relaxing, to elite athletes shaving time off their marathon PRs, we’re here to welcome you to the wonderful world of wilderness in upstate New York! Click here to learn more about Our Story.

Why Hike with DBA

Other outfitters will drive you upstate and follow the blazes on popular trails; when you're exploring with DBA you get so much more! Our decades of experience exploring the wildernesses of upstate NY combined with a passion for sharing these places allows us to design experiences for you that no other outfitter can. 

On our adventures you will learn something new about nature, about yourself, and about your fellow adventurers, the diverse people that surround you every day in New York City. Whether you’re into hiking, canoeing and camping in remote wilderness, holistic retreats or learning survival skills, we guarantee that your adventures exploring New York state with DBA will change the way you think about the outdoors, yourself and your fellow humans.

This is much more than a job for us; it's how we share with you what we most cherish in the world. Nature is a place many of us found something essential to who we are, and we relish every moment we can spend sharing that joy with others.

Experience the Joy of Winter in the Wilderness-


The beauty of a forest transformed under a fresh blanket of snow,
majestic ledges draped with icicles,
and a roaring fire under a star-lit sky  


Join us to recapture all the joy of a snow day and experience the most spectacular scenery of the whole year! We’d love to share the sublime beauty of Winter with you this season! Hike with us and you'll discover that “cold weather” doesn’t mean “cold you” when you hike experienced winter guides.

Day Adventures

Our day trips to the Hudson Valley and Catskills, begin with a pick up at your choice of our Brooklyn or Manhattan locations. All day trips include breakfast, snacks, and lunch. These adventures range in challenge level from "perfect for beginners" all the way to "tough even for the guides" with everything in between. We pride ourselves on offering both the best, classics of the Catskills as well as our own adventures, the kind that we've discovered in our own wanderings. No matter what, you'll end the day feeling like you've accomplished something special. 



Overnight Adventures 

Overnight adventures are, in our humble opinion, the best way to experience the outdoors. While a day trip can be a welcome respite from the city, nothing compares to a night around the campfire and waking up with the forest in the morning. We do all the cooking, cleaning, transporting, and will carry any group gear. If you've never camped, but always wanted to (or just like the idea of someone else handling the hard stuff) we'd love to take you out! 

Extraordinary Adventures

Extraordinary Adventures are the trips that set us apart. From canoeing on permit-controlled reservoirs to experiencing hikes we only know from exploring the backcountry for so many years. If you want a unique experience, a local experience, a glamping experience, or to take a fresh take on a holiday like Valentine's Day or Halloween, this is the place for you. 

Holistic Adventures

DBA has been committed to offering hikes that explore the healing powers and unique beauty and peace found in nature. Our holistic adventures include a pickup in Brooklyn or Manhattan, breakfast and lunch, and usually round off with a stop at a local farmer's market upstate. If you're avid about yoga or pilates, you'll be amazed by the results of taking your practice into the outdoors. 

Customized Adventures

Our custom adventures are tailored to your specific needs for the wilderness experience you'd like to have. We've worked with corporate teams looking for a unique team-building opportunity, families hoping to escape the digital world and bond in the outdoors, elite athletes looking to up their marathon PR, individuals hoping to hone their outdoor skills, and more. Get in touch and we'll discuss how we can make your dream wilderness adventure a reality. 

Survival School

Survival school starts in the city with classes on survival training, and ends in the Hudson Valley or Catskills with a practical skills application day where we'll run through a real scenario of survival. Learn to build a fire without matches, find food and water, build a survival shelter, and much more.