Wildflower Wednesday--Trout Lily

Trout Lilies

A gracefully, nodding, almost shy, single yellow bloom on each trout lily is one of the first to greet us every spring;  they’ve been know to pop out of melting snow cover. Distinctive mottled leaves resemble brook trout markings, hence the name.


This flower is pollinated by ants and can take up to 7 years after germination to mature and bloom. The trout lily will also propagate with shoots underground off its bulb (root) and some of these colonies are up to 300 years old! The bulb is edible and quite tasty.

Trout Lily blooms are at their finest in the first 2 weeks of May, though they may occasionally be found at higher elevations later in the month. Our adventures to Indian Head Mountain (5/2,) Giant Ledge & Panther (5/9,) Wyndham High Peak (5/16,) and the Blackhead Range (5/17) should all offer plenty of Trout Lilies and many more early season blooms!