Most residents of NYC would be surprised to know that less than 100 miles from their corner subway stop lie vast tracts of virgin, old-growth forest, filled with giant ancient hemlock and birch trees and pristine brooks and swimming pools—untouched by man.There forests are home to trees that were saplings when the first Europeans arrived. The Catskill Forest Preserve is over 700,000 acres, much of it wild forest and wilderness, all of it protected as “Forever Wild” since 1885 in an act of conservation that pre-dates the National Park Service.

Our guides live and breathe the Catskills. If you want an immersive experience from a guide that can bring to life the history of the forest, reveal incredible flowers, plants, and trees, and take you to hidden meadows and streams, you've found it here. Most of our trips to the Catskills end with a trip to our favorite local restaurants or farmer’s market. We intimately know the towns and communities throughout the Catskills and will always point out sights and points of interest along the way.