Wildflower Weekends are Here!

Thanks to everyone who played our quiz! We had quite a few perfect responses and from those we drew four to be our winners. But really, we're all winners--the recent warm weather has brought all of our wildflowers friends out for the season! 

Here are your correct answers--

1. Which yellow flower is one of the earliest to bloom?--Trout Lily
2. Related to the poppy, this flower gets cows stoned, earning it the nickname "staggerweed"--Dutchman's Breeches
3. Which flower has evolved an odor and color to attract carrion flies for pollination?--Red Trillium (Painted Trillium also acceptable)
4. This pink and white flower is found on evergreen shrubs--Mountain Laurel
5. These flowers can take up to seven years to bloom and some colonies are up to 300 years old--Trout Lily


Congratulations to--Jenny T, Nicole H, Virginia H and Alex P--each a winner of a Day Hike! All of our participants will receive a code for 50% off the Day Hike of their choice--thanks for playing.

Peak wildflower season is here and it will be fleeting as always! Here are some great upcoming hikes for wildflower viewing--

Giant Ledge & Panther Mountain--May 9th

Wyndham High Peak--May 16th 

Blackhead Range--May 17th

Mount Wittenberg--May 23rd

Balsam Lake Mountain--May 30th

Big Indian & Fir--May 31st

We're looking forward to seeing you among the wildflowers soon!