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Welcome to the Catirondacks

Welcome to the Catirondacks

Last week, we scouted a new trip with our friend Will Soter from Upstate Adventure Guides for the Beyond Backcountry series. After exploring this incredible backcountry river, Will deemed the trip a journey into the "Catirondacks." Paddling in clear waters through the boreal forest, we glimpsed mystical woods filled with vibrant green moss around each bend, which left us feeling like we'd ventured out on a typical Adirondack canoe trip (with three hours less driving each way!).

Exploring a river that even most Catskills residents don't know about is truly an adventure. The sheer number of times we had to stop and stare in awe made this reasonable paddle take the whole day. It was the kind of trip that made you want to sit back in the canoe and stare at the forest. 

Check out the pictures and some of the cool wildlife we encountered below. 

Freshwater Mussels

We found freshwater mussels in this river. No joke! Check it out: 


This forest is truly flush with animal life and activity: efts, frog eggs, frogs, baby fish... the list goes on.

Frog under water.

Frogs to be.

Toad blending in well with his surroundings at night. 

In addition to the animals you can't catch lounging, we roused up a few grouse with their signature helicopter beating wings (you can hear the sound well in this video), and of course, plenty of ducks. We also saw a bonus porcupine on the ride out! 

Limited Time Offer

Due to the spring rush of snowmelt, this trip is only available in the spring when water levels are high enough to paddle, so don't wait or you'll have to wait a whole year! 

Suffice to say, we're big fans of the "Catirondacks." And we leave you with this:


Paddle in an Enchanted Forest from Jessica Tackett on Vimeo.


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