Our Story

We are Destination Backcountry, a wilderness guide service founded and operated by outdoor professionals—lovers of the wilderness, experienced teachers and guides—who have dedicated our lives to sharing our passion for wild places. And we’d love to take you on an adventure.  

Any basic guiding service can take you from trailhead to summit and back while simply following the blazes on the trail, offering little to no engagement with the beautiful, natural world around you. That is not what we do. Each of our diverse adventures and classes is expertly designed and led with the aim of bringing you closer to nature.

We started Destination Backcountry because our lives have been transformed by a closer relationship with nature. We know the restorative and soul nourishing power of wilderness is not found on crowded trails or in campgrounds, but in the backcountry.

Transformative Experiences

Whether you're joining for a gentle day hike with berry picking, a four day expedition into deep remote wilderness, or any adventure in between, you will walk away from your experience changed. Our adventures are designed to share the woods the way we see them: magical, restorative, and stunning.


Basic outdoor skills are the bare minimum a guide must possess to pass the guide test and to work for many other outfitters. We hold our guides to a high standard, requiring years of development beyond state licensing. While each of our guides brings their own unique personality and expertise, they all possess a deep knowledge of the wild places in which we travel.

The Wilderness Is Our Home

Our guides possess the extensive and familiar knowledge of the forest that comes from a lifetime of exploring. We are skilled teachers, not reciting the names of trees, but interpreting the forest and our place in it to foster a closer connection to nature. Learn how to travel in wilderness, not just through it.

Wilderness Ambassadors

If you can walk through Central Park, you can explore the wilderness. First-time adventurers and those looking to expand their comfort zone will discover they can take on the wilderness in a relaxed and supportive environment—no fancy gear required. Our guides are truly expert leaders and instructors of outdoor skills and their experience leading groups of all types enables them to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for all skill levels.

Adventure for All

I discovered the outdoors as an adult. Unlike many hikers and backpackers, I didn't grow up in a place with mountains or forests, so I was an absolute beginner when I first started hiking. I remember how intimidating and overwhelming it can be when you first get started. I became a guide because I want to help other people discover the solace, peace, adventure, and joy that I did in the outdoors, and to make it as easy to do so as possible.

 —Jessica Tackett, Lead Guide

Discovering New Worlds

It was our second night out in very deep wilderness, as remote as you can get in New York. Around midnight, we paddled out on a lake to stargaze. A woman on the trip had been enjoying herself, but not much moved by the ample natural splendor thus far. But as everyone talked about how stunning the stars were in the perfectly clear sky she asked "I don't get it, doesn't everyone see that big cloud in the center of the sky?" I explained that the “cloud” was the Milky Way, and we were looking into the center of the solar system. A few seconds went by and then we heard her crying softly, saying she never even known you could see into the solar system. That is the reason I guide.

—David DiCerbo, Founder and Lead Guide

Our Team

The most experienced, dedicated team of outdoor professionals based in New York City. 


For media enquiries please contact Jessica Tackett at jessica@destinationbackcountryadventures.com


We work with a variety of small and family owned business and guiding companies in New York City, Catskills, and Hudson Valley.